Favourite Fonts Of The New Decade

12th August 2020

Although I strive to bring the human side back into brand design through lettering, I love a good typeface. Typography is an amazing tool to make digital brand materials (like your website) stand out from the competition and add a unique personality to your copy. But choosing the right font to pair with lettering — something that is always so different — can turn into frustration fast. When it comes to logo design, I've an idea in my head and execute what I envision; but when it comes to finding a font, you still have that idea in your head, but it always seems like there's no right match!

Naturally, over time, I've compiled a list of go-to fonts (free & paid) that get picked quite often for projects either because:

1️⃣ they're gorgeous and seem to fit every branding concept like magic;
2️⃣ I can't get enough of them because they're my latest obsession — much like a new song on repeat!;
3️⃣ they're super versatile due to their different styles, so my job gets a whole lot easier.


by Laurenz Brunner (2013)

Circular is a geometric Sans Serif font family with sixteen weights. It marries purity with warmth like no other font, and strikes a balance between functionality & conceptual rigour. This friendly text font has both an unmistakable character and near-universal appeal. You might also recognise it from Spotify and my website: the way they curved the lowercase T’s crossbar is the loveliest detail.


by Jonny Pinhorn (2016)

Poppins is a geometric sans serif typefaces with an internationalist take on the genre. Many of the Latin glyphs (such as the ampersand) are more constructed and rationalist than is typical and the characters are based on pure geometry, particularly circles. Each letterform is nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to stroke joints where necessary to maintain an even typographic colour.


by Jorge Cisterna (2015)

Just like Grandma’s recipe, Recoleta combines a variety of ingredients — from various popular 1970s typefaces— such as the soft and gentle shapes found in Cooper or the fluid, angled strokes in Windsor — mixed into one single design that features familiar, yet fresh, modern flavours.


by Vernon Adams (2011)

Corben is a simple web friendly display font with ample curves and ligatures. Corben is designed to be easy on the eye with a touch of classic display lettering. And look at that ligature!

Monument Extended

by Mathieu Desjardins (2018)

Monument Extended is a powerful quality extended typeface with great versatility. This extended font can be used for bold editorial statements, graphic prints or just as a simple logo. This new type will definitely make your designs stand out and unique.

Overpass Mono

by Delve Withrington (2015)

Overpass Mono is a thoughtful, fixed-width reimagining of the Overpass proportional design. Consisting of four weights ranging from Light to Bold, each monospace weight matches the weight of their counterparts in the proportional family.

Should I turn this into a series? Let me know what you think & feel free to slide into my DM’s about it!

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