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Annette Corbett

Leadership Coach — London, 2022

Annette Corbett’s branding is strategically playful and bold with an empowering values-driven approach.

The bright and striking colour palette, which is love-at-first-click, was named after powerful black women. By infusing boldness from the inside out, we showcase the caring yet easy-going personality of the brand itself. This brand is all about support and connection, represented through the intertwined crossbars of the Ts in Annette’s logo.

After working on Custom Branding & Strategy, we included the website in the project scope. Each page of the website features a brush stroke pattern to not only add to the brand’s look and feel but also connect with the creative spirit of the target audience. Throughout the brand and website are distinctive elements that serve to reinforce Annette’s anti-cookie-cutter style and identity.

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Annette Corbett, Leadership Coach

“It’s as if she’d been reading my mind!”

Who knew branding and web design could involve so much giggling? Eva has a knack for asking just the right questions to get the information she needs to create something amazing. She got it all right, down to naming the brand colours after powerful black women. Thanks to Eva, I was able to launch a brand new website on the first anniversary of officially establishing my business, along with a visual identity that is coherent, beautiful, and represents me & my values.

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