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Laura Collins

Marketing Coach — Colorado, 2021

Laura Collins is a launch curator helping visionary leaders turn their expertise into profitable offers and craft a holistic approach to generating wealth. Specialised in launch planning,  with an emphasis on simple, rinse & repeat systems and frameworks, Laura creates tailored plans that make launching a breeze.

We carried that into the brand design with upbeat, fresh and organic visuals. The brand is light, but with a high level of efficiency & skill hidden in the logo curves and variations of the custom pattern.

The custom typography of the logo conveys the brand’s nurturing & crafty personality, while the unique ligatures in the capital letters bring connection and elegance. Laura Collin’s new brand includes custom brand badges that are a nod to her casual and friendly approach. The organic pattern blobs balance the straight-forward body copy to create a warm and inspiring brand.

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Laura Collins, Launch Curator

“Now my brand embodies my business & my confidence has x3!”

I was piecing a brand together and unhappy with the outcome. I felt disconnected from it and as though I wasn’t coming off as professional. I knew I was in need of this update and once we were on our first call I resonated so much with Eva’s personality: she hit the target perfectly and I needed zero revisions!

Are you ready to stand out with branding that’s 100% unique?