Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.

Ever seen your brand twin in the wild?

You’re scrolling through Instagram, then spot a post that looks just like yours. You go to their profile and it’s almost identical. How dare they. Shame burns down your throat. Outrage. Then, resolve. Never again.

Before you build the house,
you’ve gotta lay the foundation.

Despite what the ‘gram would have you believe, a badass, dream-client-attracting brand doesn’t just manifest into existence — it takes work. DIY branding and templates can only get you so far. What you need now is an intentional, strategic brand that’s as fabulous as the business you’ve worked so hard to build. The great news? That’s totally my jam.

Eva Couto

Own your weird

I never fit in with the “cool kids” (I was as shocked by this as you are). Graduating from college with killer grades and a shiny new degree in Communication Design, I ignored the “so what’s your REAL job going to be” taunts, and set off into careerland. Brimming with confidence, I sent off application after application, knowing I’d be employed in no time.



Was I kidding myself?

Redemption came in the form of a graphic design internship with a 5-star hotel — or so I thought. After months of grueling hours, zero boundaries, and trying (and failing) to squeeze myself into a corporate box of despair, I decided enough was enough and quit.

There was no blaze of glory — just a decision to never box myself into someone else’s expectations of me, ever again. Turns out, it was the best decision I ever made.

With a talent for hand lettering 100% unique logos and a love of deep strategy work (nerd alert), Eva Couto Design was born. I’ve been helping fellow rule-breakers free themselves from insecurity and step into their most powerful selves ever since.



The Brand Badassery Blueprint


I’m here for the risk-takers, the rule-breakers. The ones who zag when everyone else zigs.


Quiet or loud —confidence is what my clients leave with. In their brand, their business, and themselves.


Decide what you want, and don’t give up until you’ve got it.


Never let anyone dull your sparkle.


It’s not about being fearless. It’s about doing the thing in spite of fear. That’s what true badassery is all about.

Eva Couto

The weird that makes you wonderful

I’m not the person who fits in everywhere. If you’re reading this, you aren’t, either. Your story is probably different from mine, but somehow we’ve both ended up in the same place: you’ve always known you need to do things your way — and now you’re ready to damn well do it. That’s where I come in.

You’ve found your people. Let’s show the world what you’re really made of.