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Set up camp in your ideal client's mind — and stay there — with the 10-day brand stories challenge that'll make you unforgettable.

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The secret to sales? Stories.

You’ve heard it before: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Duh.

But if your content’s all about reaching new people, you might find that even though your stats are going up… enquiries aren’t.

And if all around you people are smashing their goals and getting booked out months in advance, that little voice in your head might be whispering “why not me?”

So you tweak your logo (again) and pick out the perfect “trust me, I’m awesome” shade of blue for your colour palette (even though you’ll be over it in a week).

Or worse — you realise nothing’s working at all and you’re out of ideas (cue shame spiral).

In brand world, love at first sight goes way beyond a colour palette and pretty logo. For your perfect-fit humans to fall head over keyboard in love, there’s gotta be substance.

good thing you've got bucketloads of that.

here's the deal

Showing up and sharing your unique brand stories is the fastest, most reliable way to get your potential clients from “ooh, cool brand” to “Drop everything. I need HER in my life”…no matter what the algorithm overlords are saying this week.


It begins here

For the early-stage solopreneur ready to light a fire under their DMs with simple, daily stories to take your audience from lukewarm feels status to red-hot gimmethegoodstuff love.

Side note: if you hate DMs, getting clients, or social media — probs sit this one out.

LBMB contains everything you need to grow the foundations for your unforgettable, dream-client-attracting brand on Instagram Stories:

get direction


Ditch the "WTF do I post" hamster wheel of sadness and run right out the gate will fill-in-the-blank daily scripts to fit your brand whether you're booked 'n' busy or... the other thing

build momentum


Complete the challenge within 30 days to unlock the challenge bonus prompt bank and keep the momentum rolling! Includes 15+ DM-sparkling prompts to ramp up your engagement

find structure


Keep content creation simple with my Notion Content Planner Template PLUS tips & tutorials for maximising brand recognition through easy story-styling (it's an *art*)

Communicate your mission

Each week, there will be a different theme for your brand- building journey, so you can make sure you’re building it the right way — from the inside out.

Feel confident as ‘you’

Your different personality traits are like ingredients to a recipe. Together, we’ll uncover your unique brand recipe that allows you to be fearlessly yourself.

Show up online with strategy

Take the pressure off of showing up online with daily prompts that connect with your audience and showcase your personality in all its quirky glory.



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How it works

Build those know, like, and trust factors with a 2-week stream of conversation-sparking prompts. Let ‘em know who you are, what you’re all about, and why you’re not just *a* choice, you’re *the* choice.

Sign up

Click the button to claim your space in LBMB and start laying that must-have foundation for your badass brand social strategy (psst: it’s way easier than you think to get started)

Check your inbox

I’ll be in your emails for 2 weeks from Mon-Fri with a strategic prompt to get your DMs popping — plus resources, tips and tutorials to help you on your way (+ weekends off, because life)

take action

Over to you — grab your Instagram Stories prompt and get filming. It’s time to show your perfect-fit humans who TF you are (and why they’re gonna LOVE working with you).


Get the playbook for how I turn foundations into visuals: from the look & feel of your identity to the psychology formulas that make your brand a no-brainer decision.


Make the most out of your digital and online presence to create a consistent brand experience, no matter where your clients find you.

5 emails a week for 5 weeks to understand your brand from the inside out;

Daily Instagram Story prompts to take action online & learn from your audience;

Notion prompt hub & content calendar to help you show up online consistently;

Starts the Monday after you sign up — do it multiple times, on your own terms!

In 2 weeks from now, you could:

Become an action-taker and strip the perfectionism from your posting — because the best brands are all about action + authenticity
Feel freaking amazing about content creation — because you’re focusing on the type of content that builds trust and books clients 
Do less pitching & selling with enquiries from actual perfect-fit clients — because they KNOW they love you before they ever reach out
Be THE person that comes to mind when someone asks “Hey! Does anyone know an absolute legend in [your niche]?”  — because you’re all over their IG in the best way possible

That’s the “Less Bland More Brand” effect.
Ready to see it for yourself?

that's it, i'm in

linnea, yoga teacher

“Showed me how to make social media work for ME!”

I wasn't showing up for myself, being too much of a perfectionist, and I had a hard time showing up consistently. This challenge not only gave me new & intentional content ideas, but allowed me to learn about myself and how to use social media in a way that works for me & my brand.


I’m Eva, your new biggest fan

Ever been scrolling your feed, only to realise everything feels kinda samey? *eye twitch*

It’s not just you. We’re coming out of the great age of beige on social media. Beige templates, beige opinions, beige brands… it’s not what stand-out brands are about. I should know — I’ve built a whole-ass career around helping my clients leave behind the “shoulds” keeping them chained to sameness, to embrace the “hell yes” strategic brand they’ve always been on the inside.

The secret? Becoming an uncopyable badass brand by putting your unique style, personality, and way of doing business out there for the whole world to see. Regularly. Authentically. Badass-ily*.

And it all starts with Stories.

let's tell yours

*What? That’s a word.

Eva Couto

which one's it gonna be?

Less Bland More Brand

  • 10 days of fill-in-the-blank simple scripts to build your stand-out brand on Instagram Stories
  • A rinse ‘n’ repeat system to attract your dream clients — even when you’re not showing up on the feed
  • Easy planning, organisation and idea capturing with my Notion Content Planner Template
  • A super secret bonus content bank to keep the momentum going — complete the challenge within 30 days to unlock this reward!

LBMB + The VIP Treatment

Contains everything in the Less Bland More Brand Challenge, PLUS:

  • A 1:1 VIP Strategy Session (2 hrs) to work over your brand using my custom 5-step framework
  • Your own Notion Hub with tailored notes, resources, next steps and branding ideas just for you
  • 1 full week of implementation support for reviewing assets and graphics you create, plus answers to all your burning brand questions!

Don’t just take my word for it

Got questions?




Will this work for my industry, field or niche?

So far it's worked for designers, developers, illustrators, tattoo artists, bakers, coaches, therapists, beauty & wellness specialists, marketing experts, SMM, copywriters, podcasters, professional organisers, dog trainers, jewellers, event planners... catch my drift? *wink* No matter how crowded or noisy your specific industry feels, these frameworks & prompts will help you stand out and attract your ideal audience, clients and customers. And there hasn't been a niche yet I haven't been able to make it work for (but try me, I love a challenge).

How long do I have access to LBMB?

You’ll get 10 emails over the course of 10 days (yes, you get weekends off!) So, because this is an email challenge, you'll have access to all the content for as long as you keep my emails. Save them to a folder or copy the content to your own document platform if you want to be super extra safe. Also, if you finish the challenge within 30 days, you can unlock a secret Notion prompt bank which will be yours to keep — just duplicate it to your own (free) Notion account.

How do refunds work?

Due to the nature of digital products (they’re kinda unreturnable — it’s a whole thing), all sales are final. If you're wondering whether this (or any of my other offers) is a good fit for you, send me an email at

No one sees or engages with my content, won't I just be speaking to crickets?

This challenge is designed to form the foundations of your brand social strategy and is something all entrepreneurs need to get in the habit of sharing — whether you have 0 clients or 100. Brand foundations are a forever thing — they’ll always be relevant, always be needed, and the more you get used to sharing your stories, the stronger they’ll become. So you can reshare this content again & again as your audience grows, and save it all to highlights so it has a permanent home. Then new potential clients can see at a glance if you're the right fit for them!

How much time do I have to dedicate to each prompt?

5 seconds to open an email, 5 minutes to learn the theory & 1 minute to put together an Instagram Story for just 10 days. If you’re taking 30 minutes to film, you’re overthinking it! LBMB is about giving you BACK time from thinking about what to post with formulas & frameworks designed to help you build your memorable brand.

Will I have to show my face on camera? #shyintrovert #ohgod

Each prompt will give you the framework for creating it as a written “faceless” story or speaking face-to-face on camera. I highly encourage speaking on camera because it’s proven to not only be more engaging, but will also build trust faster with your audience. But if you want to test the waters (and your nerves) with written slides, you can! I will of course be your biggest, loudest cheerleader no matter which option you choose.

Stand out as YOU in a sea of them

It's time to show those perfect-fit clients what they've been missing.

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