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Less Bland More Brand

10-day Instagram Stories challenge to boost you to memorable-brand status, so you begin to attract daily enquiries & engagement

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A logo & colour palette can’t mask unintentional strategy (and this is coming from a Brand Designer)

Raise your hand if you know stand out brands start with brand strategy, but you’re…

—Embarrassed to show up online because your brand doesn’t feel like YOU, so you end up not posting at all for weeks (or months);

— Feeling like your brand looks like everyone else’s, which holds you back from getting visible & spreading the word about your biz;

— Comparing yourself to others in your industry who are smashing it, and wish you could be that loud & proud about your brand too;

— Finding yourself constantly fiddling with your logo & colours just to get bored of it all (again) and pivoting (again) every couple of months;

— Struggling with communicating your unique POV, so you end up throwing together boring & googleable content like patchwork.

yup, that's me


In just 2 weeks, you’ll intentionally communicate your brand foundations and become more memorable & top-of-mind for your audience, attracting daily engagement & enquiries.

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Less Bland More Brand

For the early-stage solopreneur who needs to communicate their brand strategy with confidence & clarity so their message’s more memorable than their logo.

For the minimalists


Daily, fill-in-the-blanks Instagram Stories prompts to intentionally & strategically start that engine of new enquiries & engagement.

For the action-takers


Complete the challenge within 30 days & UNLOCK +15 prompt bank & to keep building momentum for your memorable brand!

For the last time!


Join our pop-up LBMB group for a chance to win a custom Brand Audit — accelerate your results, take action & feel the impact.

Communicate your mission

Each week, there will be a different theme for your brand- building journey, so you can make sure you’re building it the right way — from the inside out.

Feel confident as ‘you’

Your different personality traits are like ingredients to a recipe. Together, we’ll uncover your unique brand recipe that allows you to be fearlessly yourself.

Show up online with strategy

Take the pressure off of showing up online with daily prompts that connect with your audience and showcase your personality in all its quirky glory.



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Easy as 1, 2, 3

How the challenge works

At the end of our 10 days together, you'll have boosted your brand momentum by re-introducing who TF you are to your audience & kickstarted that engine of new client enquiries and engagement!

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Click on literally any button on this sales page to say ‘YES’ to the LBMB challenge & go from same-old-same-old to top-of-mind with your community;

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From Monday to Friday, for 10 days (meaning 2 weeks with weekends off!), you’ll receive strategic prompts, juicy resources & tips straight to your inbox;

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Time to put everything into practise & go on Instagram Stories to take action & intentionally stand out in your industry by just being YOU!


Get the playbook for how I turn foundations into visuals: from the look & feel of your identity to the psychology formulas that make your brand a no-brainer decision.


Make the most out of your digital and online presence to create a consistent brand experience, no matter where your clients find you.

5 emails a week for 5 weeks to understand your brand from the inside out;

Daily Instagram Story prompts to take action online & learn from your audience;

Notion prompt hub & content calendar to help you show up online consistently;

Starts the Monday after you sign up — do it multiple times, on your own terms!

Imagine if in just 2 weeks you could…

Sit at a cafe confident your dream clients & customers can spot you from a mile away, because it’s so obvious you’re the one they’ve been looking for.
Show off your brand, secure in the knowledge that there’s nobody out there quite like you… and you’ve got the strategy to prove it.
Feel like you’ve got your shit figured out & stopped second-guessing yourself. Because that’s what strong brand strategy does — pulls the weight for you.
Do less outreach as your biz grows, with whispers flying around about your brand being “the best thing since dresses with pockets”.
Connect with your dream clients & customers like friends, because you know they’re your people: you get them, they get you.
i want in

linnea, yoga teacher

“Showed me how to make social media work for ME!”

I wasn't showing up for myself, being too much of a perfectionist, and I had a hard time showing up consistently. This challenge not only gave me new & intentional content ideas, but allowed me to learn about myself and how to use social media in a way that works for me & my brand.


I’m Eva, your new biggest fan

You know how, in this day and age, all brands seem to look the same? In such a big online world, it can be hard to figure out how to stand out and not look like “same old same old”. The secret? The only thing no one else can copy is your unique style, personality & way of doing business.

I create wow-factor brands for daring people with big goals and bigger personalities. I help tease out the special stuff you’ve been hiding and use it to build your unique brand on an unshakeable foundation of strategy + personality.

After graduating in Communication Design and failing to squeeze myself into the corporate world, I vouched to never box myself into someone else’s expectations of me and do what I wanted how I wanted.

It’s about time you stopped blending in too, don’t you think?
Eva Couto

Select the plan that works for you

LBMB Challenge

— 10-days of daily, easy & fill-in-the blanks prompts to intentionally stand-out online;

— Rinse & repeat system that you can save to highlights to keep attracting dream clients;

— Complete the challenge within 30 days & UNLOCK *secret* prompt bank to keep the momentum going;

— SPECIAL pop-up group for accountability & chance to win 1:1 Brand Audit!

VIP Upgrade

Redeem LBMB & grab a 1:1 Strategy Session with me (285€ value), including:

— 2-hour 1:1 Strategy Session with Eva, to go over your brand with my 5-step framework;

— Custom Notion Hub with notes, resources, next steps, and branding ideas;

— 1 week of implementation support for reviewing assets, graphics, and answering all your brand questions!

Don’t just take my word for it

Got questions?




Will this work for my industry, field or niche?

Designers, developers, illustrators, tattoo artists, bakers, coaches, therapists, beauty & wellness specialists, marketing experts, SMM, copywriters, podcasters, professional organisers, dog trainers, jewellers, event planners... Do you get the drift? Every business needs a brand. No matter how ‘saturated’ your specific industry feels, these frameworks & prompts will help you rise above the crowd.

How long do I have access to LBMB?

You’ll be receiving 10 emails over the course of 10 days (yes, you get weekends off!) So, since this is an email challenge you’ll have access to all the content for as long as you don’t delete my emails! If you finish the challenge within 30 days, you can unlock a secret Notion prompt bank which will be yours to keep — just duplicate it to your own free Notion account!

How do refunds work?

Since this is a digital product and you're unable to return it, all sales are final. If you've any questions about if this is a good fit for you, send me an email at!

No one sees or engages with my content, won't I just be speaking to crickets?

This challenge has been designed to become an evergreen part of your strategy and is something all entrepreneurs need to get in the habit of sharing — from 0 clients to attracting their next 100. So you can reshare this content again & again as your audience grows, and save it all to highlights so new people coming across your brand can get the bird-eye view and quickly understand if you're the right fit for them!

How much time do I have to dedicate to each prompt?

5 seconds to open an email, 5 minutes to learn the theory & 1 minute to put together an Instagram Story for just 10 days. LBMB is about giving you BACK time from thinking about what to post with formulas & frameworks designed to help you build your memorable brand.

Will I have to show my face on camera? #shyintrovert

Each prompt will give you the framework for creating it as a written story or speaking on camera. I *highly* encourage speaking on camera because it’s proven to not only be more engaging but also build trust faster with your audience. But if you want to dip your toe in with written slides, you can!

Why is this SO cheap?

Just because you’re new, that doesn’t mean you can't be in demand & top-of-mind. I wanted to make an accessible challenge for early-stage entrepreneurs who are DIYing everything in their brand and aren’t yet at a stage where they can (or want) to invest in custom brand strategy — with LBMB, they can utilise what they already have with this additional boost! And when you’re ready to invest in custom strategy, you know where to find me!

Ready to stand out as YOU in a sea of them?

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