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Pediatra Joana Martins

Paediatrician — Lisbon, 2022

Joana Martins is a Portuguese health educator and paediatrician who supports each family’s choices through unique care strategies. She uses the specificities and context of each family to help make choices that work for their reality. Simply put, Joana aims to make everyone feel heard, supported, and cared for.

The brand for Pediatra Joana Martins was developed to be calm and welcoming to all. Custom hand-lettered type was used throughout the brand’s logos to convey her friendly and down-to-earth approach. Joana excels at not only listening to her patients but at creating long-lasting relationships, so expressive typography was a must-have. The custom icon developed for Joana reflects the core of her practice, where elements of her name transform into the image of a mother holding her baby.

A warm embrace is carried out onto the website through the bright & fun colour palette and the custom modular pattern used throughout the brand. Every element of Joana’s high-touch experience is thoughtfully considered and reflects the close relationships in her client experience.

Brand Photography — Zi Fernandes
Website Copy — Ladder

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Joana Martins, Paediatrician

“Eva was such a great investment!”

I was totally blown away by her fresh & innovative view of my brand. Not only did she establish a brand strategy, but she saw what I’d never really noticed before: my own name being representative of what I do. Since using my new brand, I’ve been a guest in speaking engagements, launched a weekly IGTV series, published a book, appeared on national television and grew my account from 1500 to 26K followers in less than a year.

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